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During a time of high stress and depletion, I want to fill you with hope — not through more checklists, but by sharing my story with honesty and the confidence that you can get back to what really matters, and more importantly who really matters in your life.

Chances are you already know how to create gorgeous floral pieces, but your mind is burning with questions on how to make your business successful.

I created these instant downloads because, I get it,  sometimes  you need answers and you need them now!


Florist Favorites



The best investment I have ever made for my business.
— Lindsay Johnson

Game changer. Jessica is honest, relatable and raw.
— Erica Leigh




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6 steps to maximize your workday productivity


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7 Steps to building boundaries for the work at home floral designer


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8 tips to eliminate email stress and take back control of your inbox


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Jessica takes the hardships of a business that so many business owners face and turns them into an easier way of doing it. An easier way of doing life.
— Katherine Vandermey

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This isn't about making bouquets, this is about making money.