Beginner Floral Business Builder Bundle

Beginner Floral Business Builder Bundle

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What’s Included?

Business Building Tools: My Floral and Business Resource List

I’m sharing every single one of my resources with you in this guide. From my client appreciation gifts to my floral wholesaler (even my rep’s name!), from the vessels I order to the programs my team uses every single day to make our business more profitable. Everyone deserves access to the tools he or she needs to run a successful business!

My Unorthodox System for Ordering Flowers

In this web training, I share how my unusual process for ordering flowers saves me time and money—

Today, it takes me 20 minutes or less to place a flower order. Partly because I’m a big believer in delegating, and partly because of the system we developed.

I never create recipes, I always order under budget, and I always have enough product.

Get a glimpse at the exact formula I use to order my flowers

Video Tutorial: How to Start Your Floral Business

In this web training and pdf download, I answer common questions on how to get your floral design business started.

I cover topics like: what’s the first thing you should do when opening your business, how to get started when you don’t have a lot of money to invest, what sort of licensing you need to begin, etc.

This is a great resource for those thinking about entering into the floral industry, and those on the fence about investing in The Business Behind the Blooms!

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