Video Tutorial: How to Hire a Second Designer

Video Tutorial: How to Hire a Second Designer


As your business grows, you might find yourself wanting to outsource smaller budget weddings, but still maintain a level of creative control. Some questions you might be facing...

  • Can I afford a second designer?

  • Is this the right move for my business?

  • How do I hire the RIGHT person?

In this video tutorial and PDF series, I’m sharing ALL my secrets on hiring a second designer.

If you’re looking at this resource, you already know deep down that you need to hire a second designer, but you’re hesitant about hiring another designer for your team. What if it’s a disaster? What if you can’t afford it?!

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

I’m sharing ALL my tips and tricks to help you successfully hire a second designer. Using these strategies, I was able to not just hire another body, but hire an integral member of our Zimmerman Team.

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what people are saying:

I love the information on “building a team,” not just hiring someone to work. If it weren’t for Jessica’s guiding words...I would have hired just anyone, to find out later all they wanted was just a job! I have assembled a team to assist with weddings and events and can I say, they are AWESOME!
— Dawn Kaseoru

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