Contract Labor: My Freelancer Agreement

Contract Labor: My Freelancer Agreement


At every stage of the wedding planning process, contracts protect and set expectations. For every event, I book my contract labor (or freelancers) as soon as my client contract is signed. Not only does this streamline my planning process, but it ensures I’ll have the help I need to execute the amazing designs I’ve proposed to my clients.

Every freelancer signs a contract which outlines my expectations and their time commitment. I know when freelancers agree to work with me, they’ll show up! They’ve legally agreed to do so! Protect yourself and your clients, and never hire a freelancer without a contract again.

This document is my exact contract labor agreement!

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Jessica has given me a new confidence for my business. I have already used her strategies in producing contracts for next year’s weddings and I’m excited to see them through.
— Deb Riedstra

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